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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Applying the Quadratic Formula

Here is a screen cast showing 4 examples of quadratics. All symbols no pictures. If you have spent some time at my website and reading this blog you can SEE what the symbols represent and if you needed to you could draw pictures of ALL of these problems thus making it easy for you to get it even if you were only 12 years old. Check out my other (more in depth) page on the quadratic formula HERE.

On youtube:

For those that have youtube blocked at school (I only get 2GB a month bandwidth on this so if it doesn't work check back in a month when the bandwidth resets).

Go to the house of math where you can find much more on completing the square, square numbers and the quadratic itself...

quadratic formula, completeing the square
Note the standard form should be

ax2 + bx + c = 0 NOT 2...careless error in notation on my part.

quadratic formula, completeing the square
Start easy and work your way up. The first too are easy to factor and therefore are easy to check when we are first starting out with the quadratic formula.
quadratic formula, completeing the square
The next one is a little more of a challenge and assumes you know a little about square roots...but you know what happens when you assume.
quadratic formula, completeing the square

Eventually I'll have a post showing how to draw some of these and combine pictures with symbols so you can see the transition. It should also become obvious why schools who have incorporated this system of teaching didn't just score high they scored better than any school had ever scored on standardized tests...and then politics got involved and the school didn't want to admit they were using Mortensen Math, they just wanted people to know they had a math system that produced high scores and that you should send your kids there...

Anyhow, you can learn a lot of math at the house of math for FREE and some of the algebra on the password protected pages costs just a few bucks.

Need help with the basics like distributive theory click here.

The House of Math on FaceBook.

The House of Math

Learn a lot of algebra for a buck.

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