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Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing with X and Y

Factoring expressions like x2 + 3xy + 2y2 is not a problem...

We also did x2 + 5xy + 6y2 as well and off camera we did more problems which were EASY once they understood the concept.

x2 + 7xy + 12y2 etc.

It's EASY to see x2 + 3xy + 2y2 = (x + y)(x + 2y)

x2 + 5xy + 6y2 = (x + 2y)(x + 3y)

x2 + 7xy + 12y2 = (x + 4y)(x + 3y)

Watching me explaining it to little kids should make it easier for you to see how to explain it...

Older kids that have played with these blocks will look at this and go "no big deal" the five year old said we're just giving the units, and x's a new name...the concepts for factoring multiplication and division are the same...

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