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Monday, December 27, 2010

Economics is Math

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

People in education are starting to get it. 20 years ago I wanted to make math music videos to teach math...blocks dancing around; math concepts visually obvious and set to day this will happen.

Here at the university level is a video explaining simple economics...which I have argued would be easily understood by a populace with critical thinking skills that had a excellent handle on math. Instead the average American has a difficult time with FRACTIONS...much less ALGEBRA, and even less than that simple economics and money.

"If the people understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning." ~Andrew Jackson

Happily for the bankers and politicians the teaching system hasn't even been able to make division concepts clear. The average person can't explain why we invert and multiply if they can even remember to do it when trying a fraction problem involving division.

Just for fun: Three times what is two and five eighths?

3(x)= 2 5/8

Easy or hard? Three times what is two and five eighths?

I rest my case. Soon I'll have a webpage on fractions with video and some blog posts too...and that problem will be duck soup.

Economics is just math and math is just counting...

Apologies for using Youtube, I've been trying to stay away from Youtube because it has been brought to my attention many teachers in Hawaii can't watch Youtube on school connections because it is blocked...this vid is worth your time. I am BTW an Austrian, when it comes to Economics...

Macro concepts like Economics, Climate Science, Physics, Sociology and ANY Philosophy are FAR better understood by people who can do math...

"Woe unto us: we live in a time when neither philosopher, poet, priest or politician can do math." ~Crewton Ramone

If we used music and language that the kids understood, more kids would understand math, not to mention we could make it FUN...I will one day have math music video's. The difference between me and what you see now will be night and day. I once talked to Bill Nye the Science guy and he saw immediately how powerful this could be for math because it's a visual way of presenting math concepts; we can show in a minute what takes 15 minutes to develop with symbols...

The point of this post is we need to move to presenting the mathematics like this, edutainment I believe it's called...I'm getting there.

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Coming SOON: Fractions.

BTW the answer to the question is 21/24...I could see it could you and if you did get it did you remember a rule or a concept like no fun get back to one?

Of course we are easily fooled by men in suits who tell us the answer to debt is more debt and the answer to too much money in the system us more money in the system...the populace can't do MATH.

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