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Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Inductee To The 100% Club.

Kid comes off and on but figured better on than off...has to walk 2 and a half miles to get to class. Has discovered it's worth it. Base 10 blocks really do work for Trig too.
He actually looks pleased.   This is how we do at Crewton Ramone's House Of Math.  I have more F o A stories than you can shake you finger at. Check these testimonials. He was getting less than 50%'s when I met him. Then he learned some basic concepts and sure enough 100%.  People said on this one I should have taken before and after photos of him too...because his demeanor has also changed radically along with the grades.  Ask any kid what feels better, F or A. 

Anyhow here is the short vid...

The Password Protected Trig page is up! I can't guarantee you'll get 100%'s or even A's but I do guarantee this page explains trig in a manner that you can understand. Garret edited the vid of he class I did with him (I think editing the vid on trig made the test easy too)...but right now a diligent trig student could use the Trig Page to pass...I can't guarantee anything because every student is different but a regular kid should be able to go there start watching videos and clear a whole lot of things up FAST. Things that many find confusing. There are vids on the entry page that you should find quite useful if you are a beginner....just think, basically 50 bucks could be the diff between pass and fail and for some kids the diff between A and B...ALSO there is now How to Teach Trig to 8 Year Olds. hat page also has a FREE lesson on it too.

Again I defy you to find lessons explained like this where kids can put it all together conceptually anywhere on the internet at any price...take advantage of the FREE lessons first. Then consider a password.

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