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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Him who is already 8 is already 9.  In Honor of his birthday and the Fall Solstice and the fact that I spent way too much money on vacation in is a


After this prices are going up a little. Right now Lifetime Passwords are regularly $249.00, They are about to be $349.00. Just for the passwords. Right now, for a little less than that price I'm going to make you a crazy deal. I have 3 very slightly used (and I do mean very slightly used) combo kits.  So the next 3 people that order will get:

250.00 Lifetime Pass.
  88.75 A Combo Kit.  Caveat: they have hollow hundreds and x²'s...that was a lamebrained short lived idea...they also have some regular ones but they have the nice underlays...
  21.55 Shipped either the same day or the next day via USP Priority Mail..
  50.00 2 P/T "Live" Video Trainings.
MORE THAN $349.00

These deals last as long as I have kits so it might be a one day sale or a two week sale depends on how long it takes to sell the kits. If I get a rush and somehow sell more than the original kits I had procured Mortco will fill those orders and I have NO IDEA how long it will take them to get you a kit. They say 6 to 8 weeks. If you are lucky. And the moon is in the right place, and the stars are in proper alignment. If you are one of the first 10 you will have it in a week...or less.

The first 9 will not have this problem.
 If you just want a password because you already have blocks I will sell you just the LIFETIME password and throw in ONE P/T Training. All you need is a google account so you can vid chat. Trainings are on Fridays and some times Saturdays usually around 8am HST. Currently this is a $25 dollar value...but that is an introductory price.  These trainings usually last 3 to 4 even at $25.00 an hour they are worth around $100.00...and soon that will the cost...and look for Lifetime passes to move to $500.00 in 2016 and 'a la cart' pages will 1/2 price, not included for free. My marketing people are going nuts--so there is the compromise. Meantime early adopters are grandfathered in as it were...those that come in after December 31st will wish they were you.

Despite what Jaimie "I ought to be in jail" Dimon says, I know times are tough for a lot of you so I have crazy deals for people that need to make 10 payments. You can get a sitewide or a P/T separately for just 5 bucks. But that's all you get. One password. Either one for training or one for most of the rest of the site**. But you are IN for a year...

For a few dollars more get them both and you are IN for a year and for just $22.00 (usually 26.00) you get a lifetime pass. That means you make ten payments and you're IN for life. Do the math.

+ PLUS you get these pages EZPZ Overview & How To Teach Trig To 8 Year Olds.
+ PLUS I'll even throw in ONE Friday vid training. All for just 22 smakeroos a month for 10 months. Move over crazy Eddie, Crazy Crewton is the new boss in town. Although there are no steak knives or bamboo steamers, there is coffee and doughnuts--just kidding: there's only math. But what else do you need?

Remember for 22 bucks you get a 3-4 hour training. No prerequisites other than the ability to count to 9, speak English and identify a would help immensity if you can tell same and different or not. These are skills you've had since you were five or before. So you'll be fine just jump in. After the sale: no training included but it's only $25.00.

**I now have two (soon to be more) 'A La Cart' Pages: EZPZ Overview & How To Teach Trig To 8 Year Olds. 

Concept based teaching. I show you how to get THEM to tell YOU
a² + b² = c, not just memorize formula, DISCOVER formula. 

I assure you you will more value out of these passwords than a couple of levels of books...

Here a few of the pages that make the password worth your money:

Parent Teacher Training alone is worth the money.

Sarah's Page.

"Advanced Algebra."

Trigonometry. This page alone is worth the get to see a lesson that earned a student a perfect score on his trig test and a whole lot more.

Percentages. You will be hard pressed to find percentages presented this way with base ten blocks anywhere on the entire internet.

Sample Lessons.

There are more pages than this including Pages of PDF's and more...

In fact even if you don't get a password you could go to these pages and learn a thing or two for FREE. But get a password, prices will continue to go price used to 100, then 150 now it's 175, next it will be 200...and I am told by many from homeschoolers to marketing gurus that the regular price or $250.00 is severely undervalued...early adopters are rewarded...

Test your sitewide password HERE.