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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Piper for your little girl.

 Piper isn't for everybody but it's for a lot of you.

You know your sons and daughters better than I, if this looks like something that would be fun for them, please use these links to order.

toy computer, build it yourself computer,

                 Make learning fun!
I'm famous for saying 200 years ago they wouldn't even let you (women) in universities.... I was wrong: it was only 100 years ago. 

People like to forget how far we've come in just 100 years.

Look at the expression on these women's faces as they read these letters.

You might also consider password, so the math is fun and easy too.

Stole this commercial from Boeing.  I think it makes my point well.  Again when I built my website isn't that everybody becomes an engineer, or gets a degree in computer science, but if they want to mathematics doesn't stop them. 

Piper would be a perfect addition for your robotics group, if you have a STEM group or a STEM meet up this to be a great project. The product is aimed at 8-14, they have a ton of videos showing you what you get and how it works and why.

But this is right up my alley because is basically learning through play. And when they're done they get to play mine craft... On the computer they built themselves. What could be cooler and more satisfying than that?

I'm obviously aimming at those of you with daughters but of course little boys would have a fun time with us too. You never know, until now your child might have shown no inclination toward computers or computer science, this could change all that... If there are ready into robotics engineering they should be natural... Order soon and you should have it by Christmas.

They have package deals, so if you have a homeschool group it might good to coordinate a group order.  You don't get a discount but they add support an extra stuff.
 Secretly you might learn computer science and engineering right along with your child... the kit costs $299.00. 

If you already have one, maybe you could share your experience here: