Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
You are invited to learn how to use this method...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

X-Mas In June


You need a password to get these prices if you want a lifetime pass use the paypal button below. You can get a lifetime for 150 or 10 payments of 20 bucks...which is still less than $250.00 which is still a a heck of deal. Many people were confused because they thought $150.00 meant you got one or the other...a life time training OR a sitewide... which would be $300.00. You get BOTH for that price of $150.00...normally it's $250.00  You will need the sitewide password to get these prices. If you have a password click

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math not meth


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A worthy cause.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trig With Base Ten Blocks

Base ten blocks are well suited for teaching trig and trig concepts in a very concrete manner.  Starting off simply with Pythagorean Theorem it becomes quite clear that the blocks make things much more tangible than even the simple formula a² + b² = c².

Basically we take a rectangle and cut it diagonally into a triangle and then study that and those relationships.  We have names for those relationships. SOH CAH TOA will help you remember those names but it's important to understand what those relationships actually mean.  As I have said about 1,000 times probably more, if all you know is sin30° = .5 and cos60° = sin30° you are going to have a bad time.

Even the entry page to the Trig page has valuable lessons you can use with your young students on it.  And judging from the instant and huge response there is some demand for a method that makes trig simple and easy. One the trig page you get hours of video including lessons that actual students were given that allowed them to get 100% scores when they were formally getting less than 50% of tests right.

trig with base ten blocks, base 10 block trig,
Base Ten Blocks make Trig assessable.
Once you understand the concepts all they can do is change the numbers. Click this link to go see what I'm talking about. Then get yourself a password. The Trig page is worth the price all by itself, but you get 14 other password protected pages all for just 6 for a two and a half bucks more you get parent teacher training and that is also getting good reviews and blowing people's mind's when it comes to how easy math can be. If you let it.

The lessons on building squares are going to make Pythagoras easy to understand, Pythagoras made Trigonometry easy to understand and you will see the base ten block method makes it all understandable. On the entry page there is now a lesson about the definitions and how to use them for parents and teachers but students could benefit from it too.  There is also some quick info on what to expact on the password protected page and another vid showing simple definitions. Like any language you have to know what the words mean before you can use them properly. When you teach math try to think about it the way you would teaching any other language, lighten up and play math.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How do trainings work?

One: You need a Gmail address. Install the video chat plug in.

Two: You send me your Gmail address. Add me to a circle if you like.

I add you to the Friday Training circle.

Four: Watch FB or other forum for time and date usually Friday or Saturday. Use this so you don't screw up the TIME ZOMES BTW noon means PM and 12AM is the middle of the night. You big fat dorks.

Five: Friday. Have computer turned on and the Gmail window/tab open. Chome or Firefox are the best browsers then Safari then Explorer. Shut down all other programs including mail, preview etc. Click on invitation. You may want to practice a little with friends or family so you know how it works BEFORE you come to the training. You will be EXPECTED to PARTICIPATE not just watch. math is not a spectator sport.

Cost is JUST $25.00
...and 3 to 4 hours usually flies by. You will not be bored and you will be shocked at how fast the time goes. Ask anybody who has been. 1 hour is not enough to get anything done. And this is meat and potatoes not fluff and feather so bring a paper and pencil and be ready to be blown away. Get in now because that price is also going to increase as time goes by...but for now it's $25.00.


Algebra With A 6 Year Old Girl.

Playing what's under the cup is a hugely powerful game. In the beginning it teaches simple addition...but as we progress it teaches much more. It is an extremely powerful game although it it deceptively simple. Great for pattern identification and basic algebra concepts that will be important throughout their math careers. The basic concepts are not beyond the grasp of any child so long as you introduce them at the child's level.

Here is a short vid showing the introduction of Hero Zero.

We could have gone either NFGBT1 or to Hero Zero. I usually go to Hero Zero first.

Here is a longer video which is just one of many you will find behind the SAMPLE LESSONS password protected page. You get to watch it here for FREE. If you want to watch a lot more videos like this just get a password. The Trig page alone make the password worth it, and six bucks a month is a no brainer. Be reminded you are watching most of a lesson for which the people in paid $50.00.

This video shows sample lesson with a 6 year old girl doing problem solving it is also on the sample lessons page; problem solving like x + 5 = 13 is EASY.

But also x - 7 = 6 which takes a little more thinking.

And story problems like 20% of my little ponies are blue, I have 70 my little ponies how many are blue?

Introduces 21 is x% of 70 and more...for more on Percentages click on the percentages tab (%) at the house of math or click the link (t)here.

In the picture she shows us a problem she made and we got it right that a 5 was in the son earned 1 buck. I made 49.00. If you would like me to pimp my son out to you so your kid can play math and stay engaged email me...she usually will play for 20 minutes before she starts asking if we can quit. With my son I had to cut the lesson off after an hour...46 minutes of it is on video there are long pauses as they figure out the answers...perfect for your kids to play along in real time...