Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
You are invited to learn how to use this method...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

X-Mas In June Sale

Crewton Ramone's House of Math will be having a Christmas in June one day sales extravaganza on June 25th.

This will be your last chance to get a life time password for the ridiculously low price of $150.00.

Only Lifetime passwords will be on sale...annual and subscriptions will NOT be on sale. However I have gotten Mortco to participate and they have put some items on sale at VERY GOOD PRICES. It has been over a year since anything was on sale at Mortco and it would behoove you to take advantage of these prices because it may be quite a while before you see sale prices again. For months (and months and months and months) after the last sale i got emails and PMs from people asking when the next sale was going to apparently they were under the impression that we have sales all the time and all they had to do was wait around a little bit for the next one...turns out NOT.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

And I told you at that time that $65.00 for a combo kit was a steal and you'd wait till the cows come home before you saw that price again...and the cows weren't coming home. can get that price (better actually) but only if you buy a case and only if you have a password. In fact the only way to get these sale prices is if you have a password. A password can be had for as little as 6 bucks a month for 10 months which will get you a years worth of access to my site. Just use the buttons you see on the right. (Scroll down a little.)

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

WHY am I only offering this to people who already have passwords? Well, if you have a password you are more prone to be a person that actually knows how to us the blocks. Too many people butcher the method and the program because they have blocks and don't know how to use them...then other people get the mistaken impression that this method doesn't work or that it's just like other copy cat methods or they are confused about base ten blocks and their use in general and decide to subject their children to other methods that don't work as well or end up with very similar results to not using base ten blocks at all...

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

If you going to get blocks you should have passwords so you know how to use the blocks. I have heard many good things about my teacher training page clearing up many misconceptions and answering a lot of questions parents and teachers have about the method. There is now 10 hours of video training there, plus links to this blog and my website and support material in the form of PDFs and "soon" because of popular demand there will be PDF transcripts of the videos there too.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

My website contains a plethora of FREE information. My password protected pages have even more info and more "advanced" techniques for playing with how to factor polynomials that contain negatives, using them for percentages and more. You also get all my books and PDFs available to you for download included in the price. Not only that, you get access to all the updates and additions I make to the password protected pages in the future...and as the years have gone by I have gone from one password page to 14...I will be adding one more page on Calc eventually. I added a page on trig which IMO is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Don't send me an email after two weeks that says, "I know it says 6 to 8 weeks for delivery but..."

TO view all of these "kits" plus more detailed descriptions go here.

For tips on Getting Started and an overview of materials in the Deluxe CSK (which has video and a brief description of everything that's on sale go here. 

Introductory Videos and history here.

Here are the GREAT LOW prices on kits and stuff from Mortco:


Tell your friends. Mark your calendars. Alert the Canary. Bring the Cat in. Put the dog out. Put an alarm in your phone or tablet...books and kits will indeed be on sale.

Again: THESE ARE REAL SALE PRICES. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Alaska, Hawaii and everywhere else will get an invoice. Checks are welcome. "Rainchecks" will be given if you contact me ON OR BEFORE the sale.  In fact I have taken a couple of PRE-SALE orders for people who can't make the sale me.


Books will not be uniform. They will be mixed style/format. I was not aware they were that mixed up 'till some one sent me an email...apparently transition is taking place. I have nothing to do with this.

ANSWER KEYS SET OF 3 Reg $150.00 SALE $65.00!!
I don't see why you even need answer keys but some people insist.

SF, LVL 1 & 2 SETS Reg $100.00 - $157.50 SALE $75.00!!

LVL 3 Set Reg $157.50 SALE $50.00!!!!

That means you can get Smiley Face thru level 3 for $275.00 (which is still nuts) a lifetime pass makes more sense but there you go: a REAL over 300 bucks!!'re welcome. They figured how much damage could I do with a one day sale where you need to buy a password to get in....we'll see. Normally just lvl 2 and 3 ALONE are $315.00...

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
math not meth


COMBO KIT SINGLE Reg $88.75 SALE $70.00

COMBO KIT CASE (4) Reg $315.00 SALE $250.00!!!!
That's a hell of a deal...conspire among yourselves and order a case...although it's only worth it if you live driving distance from each other...tack on shipping and may as well just buy one at 70.00.

DELUXE CURRICULUM STARTER KIT Reg $525.00 SALE $475.00!!! That's a real 50 dollah bill y'all...and it's BY FAR the best deal on materials. 


FRACTIONS KIT CASE (6) Reg $630.00 SALE $510.00 ($85.00ea) That's another hell of a deal...conspire among yourselves and order a case. You can order additional kits for $85.00 up to 10 at that price.

MULTIPLE TENS KIT Reg $40.00 SALE $25.00

math is hardCOMBO KIT COMBO Reg 128.75 SALE $95.00!!!!

Very Basic Operations KIT CONTENTS:
1. 10 thousand bars (green)
2. 10 long hundred strips (red)
3. In a little baggie
10 square hundreds (red)
20 ten bars (blue)
25 unit bars (green) need to be broke apart

Ten Thousand Square: Reg $40 SALE PRICE 06-25-15: SALE PRICE $30

Very Basic Basic Op Pieces: Reg $65 1 day Christmas in June Sale 06-25-15: SALE PRICE $45

Means you can get Basic Ops Kit for 75 bucks...instead of 105 bucks...

Your welcome.

So...lifetime pass and a combo kit combo $245.00!!!Anybody that tells you that this method is too expensive is basically stupid and can't do math. Further unlike other methods this one is FUN and it actually works for making math understandable.

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


Number ID Kit.
1. Pre-School: Numeral ID Kit, Animals N Stuff Pattern Bk, Plus Two Triangle Kits. Reg $50.00 SALE $30.00

2. K-1: Smiley Face Counting Bks1-10, Algebra L1 Bk 1, Arithmetic L1 Bk 1, Prob Solv L1 Bks 1-3, Plus Two Triangle Kits. Reg $42.50 SALE $25.00
Bks will not be uniform. They will be mixed style/format.

3. Gr 1-2: Addition Subtraction Kit, Smiley Face Addition 1-10, Subtraction 1-10, 2 Triangle Kits. Reg $85.00 SALE $ 65.00

Remember 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Again remember: ALL MY books are free with a password..Right now "ALL" means two but by then Delightfully Non-Deleterious Division should be done...or close to it and Games and Activities which is turning into the bear I knew it would be will closer to completion too...there will be 10 Series C manuals before I'm done. Plus I have other books in mind...


A worthy cause.
Lifetime Passes, (both passwords "sitewide" and parent-teacher training) Reg $250.00 (which already a hell of deal) SALE $150.00!!! The entry page to the sales page will offer you the passwords, once you get the password you need (which you will get via email in case the pop up doesn't pop up and from what I hear it often doesn't, you will be able to get to the sales page.) You don't need to buy a password so you can get a password, you do need to get a password so you can get sale prices on blocks though. Don't worry it's not complicated I will build yet another page that you will go to and ordering will be fast and easy with paypal/credit/debit cards OR you can send in a check.

People who want to pay by check can get going early since it will take a few days to get here and a few more to your check to clear if you know what you want and already have a password OR want to get the password and something else and not use paypal or wait till June 25th YES of course you may send a a check now...make checks paybale to Ben H. Rogers not Crewton Ramone,...Crewton Ramone doesn't have a checking account...although one day "soon" CREWTON RAMONE will.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crewton Ramone Teaching Math To Little Girls.

Here is the long version:

Here is the shorter version:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graphing polynomials with a 10 year old.

graphing polynomials, algebra, vertex form

Here is more graphing of a couple polynomials...each time we get a little more "advanced" but as you should clearly see the concepts are exactly the same every time the math just gets a little more complicated as the numbers change.

I did both of these quick and dirty as it were and the second one I forgot to turn the camera on so I just breezed over it after the fact. Upon inspection I find the seriously notation lacking. Also want to drive home the point that you must remember that when you are completing the square in a problem that has more than one x² you have to remember you divided by that number, in this case 2, so we have to remember to add 2x 3.0625...we didn't just add it once...if I had divided by 3 then it would be 3x..etc.

Lets do an easier one just for example. And we'll divide by 3 even to make the point.

3x² +18x + 24 = 0

factoring it should be EASY. Get out your blocks.

Now divide by three so we can complete the square and put it into vertex form...

3x² +18x + 24 / 3 = x² + 6x + 8 = 0 Even though it's already a perfect square we still have to complete the square AND the 9 we added is added THREE TIMES because we are multiplying the part we are completing the square with 3 times...we just divided by 3 to make it easy.

Then 3(x² + 6x + 8 = 0) ⇒ 3(x² + 6x +  __ )  =  -24 (that's 3 x 8 not just one 8) ⇒ 3(x² + 6x +  9) = -24 + 27 (that THREE 9s not just one 9).

Vertex form is now easy:

3(x² + 6x +  9) = -24 + 27 3(x² + 6x +  9) = 3 ⇒ 3(x + 3)²  = 3 ⇒  
3(x + 3)²  - 3 = 0

Check out DESMOS for easy fast graphing of these polynomials...or wolfram alpha.  Here is a graph:

You can see that the y-intercept is WAY up there...but the other points are easy to get once you know what you are doing. So here is a chance for you to sketch a graph of your own label the points and make sure you put in the axis of symmetry too.

The rule or formula -b/2a should be obvious too, and not something we have to memorize.

Anyhow now we are well on our way to being able to graph any polynomial. It's so easy a seven year old can do it with very little help...soon he won't need ANY help at all.

So now you see putting it together yet again. We start off with very basic completing the square. We play with square numbers (you will note I have tons of videos on square numbers as well as radicals) and learn why it's so easy to square numbers that end in 5.  We do all of this via play and fooling with blocks not worksheets and and work books and wrote memorization.  My students have FUN. Yours should too.

They ASK for algebra because it's fun...

Later we can talk about "F of X" [f(x) = y] and so on...for now quick and dirty math with emphasis on the concepts...not rules and process.

I make trig easy too, as well as subtraction, division...all of it. You can get hours more video, more explanation and a pile of PDFs (with more explanation and exercises and methodology) for $8.50, which gives access for a year.  People are shocked and amazed at what they get for free...more so at how much they get for a paltry 8 and a half bucks a month. 

***If you want yet more on this topic here is another blog post on graphing polynomials by now the problems should be EASY...and you can watch it from the perspective of what problems I use to teach which concepts.

Find Crewton Ramone on Facebook.

This might seem advanced for your less than ten year old now, so tell you what,  let's just start with subtraction and go from there.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

ONE DAY Mothers Day Sale.

Happy Mother's Day!

So here are the paypal buttons. Two options. One time pay of $150.00 or 10 time pay of $20.00, one saves you 100 bucks the other saves you 50..."Buy Now" for one time pay "Subscribe" for 10 monthly--use drop down will note the price used to be 26.00 and I will change it back tomorrow.  24 hour sale is ON.

Thanks to everybody who got a password or signed up monthly! REmember when the password changes and you don't get an email with the new one just email me for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE when it does change and you'll get the new one post haste...hope your mother's day was happy. Next sale will be June 25th then it will be a while before the next sale....September....and even then the sale prices by then will be higher than they are now; because a lot MORE CONTENT will have been added by then. Right now the trig page is easily worth the money by itself. Same with the Parent Teacher training page...and I'll be asking for comments from people who are using them that say the same so you don't just hear from me...meantime get my FREE Subtraction Manual if you haven't already. 

You were wondering what exactly you got for 150.00?....hint: WAY more than 150 bucks worth of stuff. Don't miss the next one cuz that's the last one for a while.

Offer void where prohibited. Bamboo steamer and Ginsu steak knives not included with order. People who buy to day will not be entered into a and all expenses paid trip for two to Petaluma. You get nothing but math, math and more math. Hours of video showing you how to do lessons that make math understandable and hours of training that help you understand what you are doing and more importantly WHY. Sale ends Midnight HST. No fooling no whiners. Rain checks will be given on a case by case basis if asked for Before the sale ends. No refunds. Checks are accepted passwords not sent until funds clear. Paypal and credit cards for instant gratification are accepted. If you had a firm grasp of Mathematics it's more than likely you'd be paying with a debit card or a credit card where you carry no balance from month to month....quit feeding the beast and then complaining about the injustices of the banking establishment when YOU are the ones giving them the money in the first damh place. Learn some mathematics this password will go a long way to helping you learn how to teach your children or yourself math so financial freedom is a more likely outcome than debt enslavement. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Graphing Polynomials With A 7 Year Old.

Start understanding what the symbols mean, and how they relate to a graph.

If you've played with blocks and done the lessons for YEARS this stuff is easy by the time you reach the ripe old age of 7. Ot you can wait ten years until your kids are 17 and watch the pain and frustration mount until the domestic tranquility leave your house hold they hate math, they hate school, and they hate they teachers and of course they hate you and let you know it sometimes at the top of their lungs. Make math fun and easy and now they don't hate going to school anymore in fact they might like going because people will think they are smart because people think people who can do math are smart whether they are or not...but anyway remove the pain and domestic tranquility returns. Maybe it isn't that bad for you, maybe you're just tired of your kid being sad at school because of math. Maybe you shouldn't wait till high school...

Or you could avoid the problems in the first place and let me teach you to teach your kids math. I could do it for you but it'd be better if you did it yourself...and yes I can teach YOU even if you think you are a failure at mathematics. Ever have a kid that has all "A's" EXCEPT for math? Might not be the kid's fault...maybe the method being used to teach the kid is an utter failure, not the kid.

Had to do a quick review of one of the building blocks. Squaring number that end in 5.
Graphing parabolas poses a problem for most kids because all they do is memorize rules and process (and then promptly forget them) or learn a formula and then learn to apply it long enough to take a test and then forget it. How about we understand what we are doing and what the numbers mean instead? Then suddenly this stuff is so easy it's ridiculous and you wonder why there were tears in the first place.

I have also had untold numbers of fathers and mother who DID understand the math but weren't able to get their kids to understand it come come me...after they figured out turning the volume up didn't help. If you have a good grasp of mathematics or love will love my site. If you hate math you will end up loving my site. Check out the comment boxes on facebook and over on this SSS page...(I couldn't buy testimonials like that...well sorta: I bribed them with my book, but if the book sucked you wouldn't see testimonials and "thank you"'s like that now, would you?) you can also go to my website and watch video testimonials.  F to A is common. 100's are not rare at the house of math.

Algebra is Fun If You Do It Right.

You will need to spend some time with the blocks which you can HEAR in the video but you can't see them.  You can see them on my website a bit. I have quite literally hundreds of videos where you can see the blocks in action for factoring these polynomials (and a whole lot more. You will see little five year olds factoring polynomials and having FUN doing it.  They ask for algebra...algebra is a reward near the end of class sometimes.

"Can we do algebra?!"
"Well...ok...but only if you are good and play nicely..."

Watch my videos you will hear this exchange and ones similar to it...

Follow The Links.

If you have some familiarity with the algebra or have struggled with it this should clear quite a few things up quickly. If this is all Greek to you, understand that if a 7 year old can do it, you probably can too it's just nobody ever taught you how in a way you can understand. If you had played with blocks for factoring and you had played with blocks for squaring numbers that in in 5 and you had used blocks to SEE polynomials in their various forms you how you can put a polynomial into these various forms and then use symbols to describe what you did, this stuff would be easy peasy but since all you've ever seen are the symbols confusion hath ensued and you think algebra is harder than water at the south pole in the winter time...or the prom queen's date on prom night.  Turns out completing the square is EASY here are some little kids doing completing the square...I start them out with this at 5 years old any kid can get the concept. Here we just put it all together as it were.

Get yourself some blocks and a password and start having fun or at leaste start taking the pain out of math for your children and maybe even yourself.  Follow the links on this page or just go to the house of math for more. There are hours and hours for FREE and many more hours behind paywalls where you need a ridiculously affordable password to get through to see little kids putting this method into practice and having FUN doing it.  Take the "advanced" algebra page for example....hours of Hours of video. Trig page hours more...of video you'll actually understand. More so if you have a set of blocks in front of you and you can follow along but even if not you can draw and play along that way....don't just watch.

If all you want to do is get by and pass a test this really isn't the place for you, but if you want to actually understand what you are doing and therefore be able to make others like your friends or kids understand it, you have come to the right place. I make math easy because math is easy, not because it's magic, it's not magic it's just math.

Graphing Polynomials? No Problem.
Just Watch Me.

We did this problem too but I didn't get it on might try it at home it's easier than the last one you see in the video because of the even amount of x. In case you need the review here is another video with a lesson on squaring numbers that end in 5.

Don't tell me my passwords aren't worth the money...and this is just factoring polynomials. A lot of kids start having trouble with maybe we back up and you get my FREE subtraction manual, Supremely Simple Subtraction.

Find Crewton Ramone on Facebook.

Your mind is blown put your comments here and share this...intimidate your friends and impress your enemies.

Ready for more? Check out graphing polynomials with a 10 year old.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Day Mother's Day Flash Sale.

File under news you can use.


The purpose of this post is to inform you of a real one day sale. I say real because I didn't jack up the price just to mark it down...plenty of people have bought passwords for $250.00 and I have more than a few "subscriptions" coming in at $26.00...although most of them are for $8.50.

This sale is for life time passwords only. Not annuals. I haven't changed the passwrod for quite some time now some some of those who got the 20.00 password have gotten quite a good deal.

When the password changes just email me for the new one...

To be clear. LIFETIME Password.  One time Payment $150.00 one day only: Mothers Day.
Huston, we have a problem.
This is a common meme.
20.00 x 10 payments...

Click Here.

To be clearer still, in case you didn't watch the video,  a Lifetime Pass comes with TWO passwords. One for Parent/Teacher Training and one for anywhere else you need to put in a password, which I call a "sitewide" pass.

That's 50 or 100 bucks off respectively. There will be a page on my blog with this video and paypal buttons or if you prefer I will indeed take a check. People think I don't like checks. I love checks.


Annual passwords ARE NOT ON SALE. Blocks are also not on sale I have no control over the blocks that's Mortco...although I have been trying to get Mortco to put some stuff on sale it still hasn't happened and I wouldn't hold my breath.

If you see this post after Mother's Day NO WHINERS. The next one will be Christmas in June and there will be a one day sale in on the 25th. Same deal. Hopefully I can talk Mortco into putting some kits on sale too but again, don't count on it. After that I don't forsee another sale 'till September but they won't be $150.00 then.

Life time passwords mean just that: no renewals for the rest of your life. When the password changes just email me for the new one if you don't get an email from me telling you what the new ones are.


Also Friday trainings are now a "thing." Take advantage of these while they are still ridiculously low priced. Soon they will be going WAY up in 4x what they are now. Right now you can get 4 hours of training for 25 bucks. That's redonkuolous.

Fridays will be a regular thing except for next week Math 16th I will have a Satuday Training to accomodate a certain person who is making pdf's for me.  Other than that or unless otherwise announced these trainings will be on FRIDAYS.


Next training is tomorrow 8am HST....cost is 25 bucks whether you come for one hour or for four...and if you plan on buying Lifetime Passwords on Mother's Day I'll include this training as part of the deal...

Hour one: Q and A...nubes welcome.

Hours 2-3: Methodology and theory.

Last hour: Math...showing you theory in practice.

You need gmail vid chat installed and you have to add me to your circles...

Come see what this chart is about.

Also when you come to the training....make sure you already have vid chat installed. Make sure everything else but the browser you are using gmail is shut down or you computer will need a high speed connection and you need a newer computer for it to work well. I have had parents doing video tutoring complain about the connection but then come to find out they have all manner of programs running...mail, multiple tabs on the browser, word processor on Macs "preview" is a big hog close it...and you will have a much better time.

Saturday, May 16, 2015.

This one is first come first in advance with paypal or as part of your Lifetime Password...but I can only seat 12 and we already have 6...this last we had 5...3 who were there the whole time and 2 that were in and out. If you come for an hour it's 25 bucks if you come for all 4 hours it's 25 bucks take advantage this deal isn't going may note there was a time when the Teacher training page only had a single video on it and I charged 15 bucks BUT those early adopters got rewarded with being able to get on the page even though now there are 8 vids there now and over 7 hours of training...I'm going to put a few more vids up there from trainings and that will it for this page.

I Know You Want One.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

NEWS You Can Use.

A little look into the future with Crewton Ramone.

Will be having a sale in June. And maybe even a Mother's Day Password sale since my primary customer base are WOMEN...must figure out how to get the FATHERS more involved...but I understand the dynamic. The father's are out earning money while the mother's are home with the kids in most cases. A very traditional and IMO desirable stable situation, the education of the child often falls primarily to the mother in the primary years and then gradually to the father in the later years especially tradesmen and farmers...again in the more traditional "old school" family situations. They have attempted to destabilize the traditional family with social engineering and we can look around and see the results. Nothing wrong with single parent families but there is no question it's harder. Two is easier. I'm a single parent but only on week ends. I know a lot of single parents who have no other to look to; ask them if it gets overwhelming at times. Also nothing wrong with non traditional families but also nothing wrong with traditional families either...and certainly women (or men) who choose to stay home not "work" and raise children shouldn't be stigmatized. I hear "I'm just a mom." All the time when dealing with customers..."just a mom" is about the most important full time job there is.

I like my clientele because this is the 4 to 5% (up from about 1% 20 years ago) that actually understand the teachers are there to ASSIST you in the education of your children, not do it all for you, babysit 6 to 8 hours a day...act as surrogate parents, counselors, psychologists and more. Many of you eschew the public school system altogether and want to do it yourselves BUT math is a sticking point and so is the money. My aim is to change that.

Soon I will have an affiliate program where those of you who have told anybody and everybody that will listen about me will be rewarded for your efforts...again I can not immediately do anything about the physical products (blocks etc) but I can and will have training and "how to" vids along with internet courses, pdfs, audio and such that you can be proud to share and that will be quite reasonably priced. This will also allow you to hire out other experts to assist you in the education of your children, music teachers for example or language teachers, artists, etc. My commissions will be generous.

With regard to physical products I will be having dvds and books soon and I can tell you in the same manner people didn't understand I could build this entire website with nothing more than my $400 tablet now when in the early 1990's it would have cost 10's of thousands (I was looking at a proposal I wrote back then and equipment and hosting were over 100 grand) print on demand has made DVD's and books entirely doable...and I made friends with a vice president of a company that does just that. Further we are not there yet but 3D printing will make $300,000.00 injection molds obsolete in the very near future buying blocks and shipping them will be almost obsolete you'll just turn your 3D printer on, either way blocks/manipulatives are going to be inexpensive too--give it a few more years...then it's going to be all about information--it already is but even more so.

Several people have told me $250 for an annual is still too "cheap" and when it was $100 it was "a total no brainer" because of all the stuff you get plus the fact that more is created monthly. This is where the marketing comes in. People don't always GET what they are getting until they look around the web and find nothing else like it. Getting people to understand that it's more than worth it is the hard part. Still quite bemused that I couldn't sell a password for 5 bucks but once I upped the price to $150 I sold them like hotcakes. Better marketing on my part is coming. I have acquired a guru who is showing me how...he has it down to a pretty simple, extremely successful formula and I can use a formula better than most. The part that I lack is the ability to let people know how cool this is because they have been programmed to hate math and anything to do with math even if there is a guy who claims he can take the pain out...further, people are so used to gimmicks they think I'm kidding when I say the sale lasts ten days or this is a real spring sale prices won't be this low again. Then when the sale is over they can't believe there really isn't going to be another one. People are still waiting for Mortco to have another sale. People also think lifetime passwords are going to come back down to 100 bucks...opps they keep going up. (I'll tell you right now, there may be a sale for 150 bucks again, but only for a few days and when it's over--it's over, but they will never be 100 bucks again so quit waiting.)

"The human mind has never invented a labor-saving machine equal to algebra." ~Author Unknown
"Calculus is the most powerful weapon of thought yet devised by the wit of man." ~W. B. Smith 

Another thing I'll be doing eventually is interviewing people who use math in their business or vocation. I talk to scientists, engineers, physicists etc but also business owners and always ask them about their math. How often do you use algebra? For scientists, engineers, physicists the answer is usually EVERYDAY. How often do you use the calculus? The answer is usually not as often but a lot. And stats? Depends on the person/job. Anyhow the point is I will be offering that as a product for parents and teachers to answer the perennial question: "Why do we have to know this?" Asked by the teen age whiners in most math classes.

I spent a lot of time in bookstores this last two weeks from Portland to LA; books on math are...uh...difficult. I understand them because I see the pictures in my head...but they contain no pictures for you. I was reading a book called "Forgotten Algebra" which presented math the traditional way: formula first, no pictures not even for Pythagoras, then rules and process--no mention of wonder it's the most failed subject. As one person who I'm pretty sure has left this page said, show a problem, show how to work the problem, show a problem show how to work a problem. Exactly NOT what you get here.

"There is a great danger in the present day lest science- teaching should degenerate into the accumulation of disconnected facts and unexplained formulae, which burden the memory without cultivating the understanding." ~J. D. Everett [In the preface to his 1873 English translation of Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy by A Privat Deschanel. (D. Appleton and Co.)]

All I'm going to do is teach concepts anybody can understand and put the pictures back in, add some humor and sex...and for this I am labeled a visionary radical.

So be it.