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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trig For Little Kids

There is a FREE lesson on this page too:

to get you started

It's pretty easy once you understand some basic concepts. This short 5 minute video details what you get for your money. If you have already gotten a lifetime password this page is Gratis. Otherwise it's just $39.95.

The page contains several hours of video that will make trig into child's play. It also has several bonuses that make the page (more than) worth the 40 bucks you are going to pay...

You can pay 40 bucks and it will be more than worth it. Or you can get a "lifetime pass" and get passwords that get you into ALL my password protected pages AND the Parent Teacher training page. Use the button below. If you can't afford $250.00 all at once use the ten pay feature, And remember this page is FREE to those that already have lifetime passwords, but not to those that just have the P/T Training or Sitewide, or who just have annual password status.

Update:  These prices have changed.

Here is the one pay (choose $250.00):

use side bar

Here is the 10 pay (choose $26.00):

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Obviously, the only one that will get you the password to this page is the $26.00 Lifetime password. So when I say lifetime password I really mean 3 passwords. One for PT Training. One for ALL the other pages (Sitewide) and now one for How to teach Trig to 8 Year Olds. There will be more Al La Cart pages in the future but if you have a lifetime pass these come free with it...and as you can see eventually the price of the Lifetime pass is going to go UP.

If just want the password to this page buy it on the Entry Page and you are quite literally set for life. That 39.95 gets you into that page forever not just a week or month or year.  When the password changes, and it will, just email me for the new one.

Once you have you the correct password go:


Or direct to the page requiring your password here.

You get quite a bit of stuff for free, for example go to this page and get a some FREE simple trig lessons. You might also do a search for Crewton Ramone Trigonometry and see what comes back. And of course, if you don't think it was worth the money for the password ask for your money back.

Here is a photo set
from the training...basically shots of the white board before I erased it and moved on. For an explanation of what you see here go to the page and watch the 40 minute screen cast...

Use these simple tools to make trig child's play.

Don't forget to check out the FREE lesson on this page:

How to teach trig to 8 year olds.

***Also be looking forward to a sale of sorts where you get a combo kit, a pass for two trainings AND, plus a lifetime password all for just 345.00. And because I will have the combo kits in hand you will get same day or one day PRIORITY shipping, so you will have the kit IN HAND in a week not 6 to 8 weeks. Stay tuned for that.

Another FREE Mirco LESSON:

You will see the reason for some of the vids on the password protected page once you see these little kids learning Trig...make math easy and do short lessons. Even this 15 minute lesson could be broken up. But I'm making videos to show you guys...note how I ask questions I don't just tell them facts to memorize. All this and more is covered in "How to teach trig to eight year olds." Note how I EXPECT hem to know and use basic concepts like square toot, divide a number by itself to get one, opposite addends, same and more...put it altogether with my help. 

Trig too much for you? Start with a FREE book on subtraction. Get Supremely Simple Subtraction here. If they can't do subtraction easily math isn't going to be any fun. Check the comments out on that page...people really like my free stuff I think you will find you'll get more than your money's worth when I ask you to pay for something. Get your FREE copy today.  Also go back up and hit like if you got some value out of this page whether to get "How To Teach Trig To Eight Year Olds" or not.

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