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Monday, June 20, 2016


Please take a moment to click this link if you have a lifetime password so I can generate a list of Lifetime Members.

Lifetime Password Holders are those that either bought a Lifetime Password outright and paid up to $349.00, bought a DCSK from me WAY back, Before Jan 1, 2013 or people who have paid more than $500.00 in tutoring.

Or people who have been told they are lifetime members by Crewton Ramone.

If you aren't sure, ask; but if you aren't sure you probably aren't, so don't ask.

So if you are a lifetime member: CLICK HERE.

If you are NOT a life time member but have a annual or you got one of the passwords but are not a "Lifetimer"...get on the password list.

If you have never bought a password or anything else but want to be informed of sales, new books and products etc stay tuned I will have an opt in list here shortly too. You will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe. I know you are sure I want your info so I can send you stuff but actually nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly, I don't want to send email to people who don't want it.

Also if you have never spent a dime you will be purged from the members only list unless you indeed won a free lifetime in a contest or something. Other than that it is amusing some people apparently think the operation has gotten so big that I can't check it against my paypal've already purged a few names.

If you got in early don't be embarrassed or feel like you are being Mahaoi. You were smart enough to get in before the price went up to $349.00 and I told you you would be rewarded FOR LIFE because you helped get this thing started. I LOVE it when people who only paid 100 bucks for a lifetime email and ask for the new passwords. Congratulate yourselves for making a smart choice early on that continues to reward you and yours.

I can't give you EVERYthing for free but you will get steep discounts going forward and it not like it's thousands. Which is why my marketing people want to nip it in the bud. But you will always have access to the amount of info that was there behind the password pages. And although because I've had my attention elsewhere they have not grown as robustly as they have in the past more will continue to be added. In the future people will get access to one "property" or website only. When the 10 Hour DVD set comes out for teacher training which I will expect will be priced around $149.00 you will be offered it first at a substantial discount. Just like you will always be offered the PDF's and such FIRST and at the lowest price before others get a crack at it. And I will be able to reward some of you who want to spread the word, financially and automatically using affiliate link technology.

Ever send one of my posts or pages to somebody? It will be exactly the same but it will have your unique ID which will allow you to get paid if they buy whatever it is. MANY people got my SSS for free and went, "holy cow!" and ended up getting blocks and a password. You spread the word I'll try and produce the best products for making math as understandable, EZ, and FUN as possible, and I think by now you see that's all quite possible although you will have a hard time convincing some of your math traumatized friends that it is.

I'm heading to California (again) for a month to expedite all of this...and I think I still need a little luck but I think I am mostly past the luck stage, and now in the hard work stage, which ask anybody I've never been afraid of, Grandma used to say, I was never afraid of hard work: I could lay down and go to sleep right next to it, lol! but time enough for sleep in the grave. Things are happening. Stay tuned.