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Friday, December 6, 2019

Cyber Monday / New Year's Sale

After having some major computer issues...I am back online.

New Year's Sale. Mortensen company is selling blocks....And I'll be selling passwords and PDFs.  Amazing Addends is in the works and I've created two workbooks.  "Wonderful Workbooks full of Playful Practice & Easy Exercises."

Look over the price list and then use my paypal link....if you need an invoice contact me... Go to My Facebook Page for an introductory training.  There all all kinds of interesting videos there.If you come to the seminar I will give you a code that you can put in for a $49 rebate...

Also the first person to get the $349 will get a instant $24 rebate...So your sale price will be $325.00!!! If you don't get the rebate you aren't the first person....

Don't forget to include your phone number!

Everyone who participates will get access to the superduper supersecret math group on Facebook if you're on Facebook,..Plus bonus training.

I'm not kidding when I say cheaper than eBay:

Video coming soon.

Meantime go here:
Crewton Ramone's No Mystery Theater.

Cyber Monday / Christmas Sale

PDFs and Superduper Supersecret Math Page Sale:
Get my 3 Books in printable PDF,
 Plus Absolutely Amazing Addends when it comes out...
And two 25 page workbooks when they come out.  
Plus access to the superduper super secret Facebook page.
All for just $25 or included with you Lifetime Pass.

Lifetime passes are going away...Soon it will just be $365.00/year. After three years you will be considered a lifetime member.

Mortensen company is finally putting the workbooks in PDF format!!!

From an e-mail I got:

PDFs Ready
Ready to provide PDFs: (In Jan or Feb)
1. L1 Prob Solv B1-10
New Graphics done - EDITING IN PROGRESS:
L1 Measurement B1-10
L2 Prob Solv B1-10
L3 Prob Solv B1-10
L4 Prob Solv B1-10
L1 Arithmetic B3
L1 Arithmetic B4
L1 Arithmetic B5
L1 Arithmetic B6
L1 Arithmetic B7
L1 Arithmetic B9