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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sale 2017

Here is the post Memorial Day Pre-Summer 
Sale Extravaganza!

Don't Let This Happen To You!

"We only have one child ("normal" without learning difficulties), but your lessons have made math incredibly fun and tangible!"  ~ ET, USA


Lifetime Passport. (4) FOUR Passwords for Life or as long as the website stays far it's 8 years.  You get Parent/Teacher training (principles and techniques can be applied to more than mathematics, Socratic Method for example),  The Sitewide which gets you in just about everywhere plus Trig and the EZ PZ Overview.  $340.00.  Life. 113.33 Annual.  Limited time offer.

LifeTime pass comes with TWO PASSES for Training.  Annual Pass you get ONE PASS.  Trainings are usually 4 or 5 hours on Fridays or weekends.  The point is to get you blocks and make sure you use them; you are more likely to use them if you know how powerful and fun they are.  Weekend trainings can be attended for the ridiculously low price of $50.00.

Any who previously purchased annuals can apply the price you paid toward the Lifetime Price.  After the sale it's back to annuals only.


You can use the link to pay for orders. I do not have the ability to make a shopping cart so if you have a list of items not covered by a paypal button just use the link below to paypal me the money. If you want to pay by check, have questions or want to set up a payment plan: contact me.

Sale is Over

Items marked ** are the best deals and "must haves."

Note: Shipping is INCLUDED in these prices to the 48 united states ONLY. Alaska, Hawaii and International orders will be billed additional shipping charges. ALL orders signature required unless otherwise arranged. Have had packages stolen that were left on doorsteps. 
Include phone number for shipping. 
If all else fails use this link:

Download PDF.  Note: these prices are good for this sale only and are subject to change.

As you can see, Mortco would like you to buy cases. If you have a homeschool group this would be a good time to pool resources. Also the Deluxe Combo Kit Combo is a GREAT DEAL as is 51 bucks off the Deluxe Curriculum Starter Kit. Again these are real sale prices.

Also orders should arrive in LESS THAN 3 weeks.  (7 to 10 days.)

Cases. Get volume discounts on THREE or more cases.

**COMBO KIT single: RTL Reg $95 SALE: $80 ea

COMBO KIT CASE (4): (Quantity Volume Discounted Price) RTL Reg $330.75 SALE: $280 case

COMBO KIT "COMBO"  RTL Reg $130 (updated 12-05-16) Includes: Combo Kit +M10s - Multiple Tens Kit  SALE: $100

COMBO KIT "COMBO" - CASE  - RTL Reg $380 case (1 CKC Case = 4 Combo Kits , 4 M10s ) 

RTL Reg $380 case 3 cases = $1,140.00

**SALE: $342 x min 3 (3 CKC Cases = 12 Combo Kits , 12 M10s ) = $1,026.00

**DELUXE COMBO KIT "COMBO": RTL Reg $155 (updated 01-19-16) Includes: Combo Kit + 2- M10s SALE: $135 

FRACTIONS KIT CASE (10): RTL Reg New Effective 02-14-16 $1,102.50 per case (updated 05-18-16). SALE: $1,000 per case of 10

MULTIPLE TENS KIT SINGLE: RTL Reg New Effective 02-14-16 $42 ea SALE: $35 

MULTIPLE TENS KIT PAIR RTL Reg New Effective 12-05-16 min 2 - $65 per 2 min
SALE: $60 (min 2 x $30)

Multiple Tens Kit CASE (20): RTL Reg $640 per case (updated 05-18-16) SALE: $600 per case (20) 

**DELUXE CURRICULUM STARTER KIT: RTL Reg $551.25 SALE: $500 (**Includes one FREE Training for this sale only.)

Sale is Over

If you don't have these already, you should get these.


**ANSWER KEY ALL. L2 - L5 RTL Reg $150 (previously when Morco provided printed copies which are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.), RTL Reg $40 SALE: $20
Answer Key L1 N/A (See Algebra Guidebook L1 for Algebra L1 Answer Key - back of
Answer Key L2 Answer Key L3 Answer Key L4-5  All for $20.00 on CD.

Here is a paypal button with kits and the answer key added. Get the answer keys on CD!!

Sale is Over

: RTL Reg $27.50 set. Single: $2.75 SALE: $22.50 set

Skip Count Kit: With 8 Coloring Bks #2-9 & Audio CD - Skip Count Songs by Jerry Mortensen.

If purchased separately: Audio CD: RTL Reg $15.75 SALE: $10 

Skip Count Color Bks: RTL Reg $42  SALE: $30  
**Skip Count Kit - Bks & CD RTL Reg $35 SALE: $25

Books. RTL Reg $2.75ea SALE: $2.25ea

One level 5 strands.  Smiley Face level 1, 2 &3 
RTL Reg $137.50. SALE $112.50 
Which is why I say get the Answer Keys on CD,  for 20 bucks. You can also order specific Algebra Lvl 1, 2 and 3 30 books...or Smiley face division 10 books to go with my division PDF.  Use paypal link and be specific.

Media Package:  Answer Key CD, Series A Manuals + Skip Count CD and Coloring books.

Sale is Over

Include phone number for shipping. 
If you have combinations or orders not covered with the paypal buttons use this link. Not sure what to get? Email to get a free phone consultation.  Will clear things up in 5 minutes or less.  Get the answer keys on CD.

Download PDf, use link below, order various items.

Download PDF.  Note: these prices are good for this sale only and are subject to change. Did I mention you should get the answer keys on CD for 20 bucks?