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Thursday, December 9, 2010

More 4th Power Algebra

The higher powers of x can indeed be modeled with manipulatives though they seldom are or if they are people use actual cubes and then are unable to go to the 4th these videos we play around with expressions like:

x4 + 7x3 + 18x2 + 20x + 8

x3 + 6x2 + 11x + 6

We take (x + 2) and "cube" it, and a whole lot more. The students you see are 11 and 12...

And pictures like this start to make sense and make "advanced algebra child's play...all we need to do is be able to count...

x^3, 3rd degree algebra,

These should stand alone if you are starting here but it might be good to view and read some other pages first if this is your very first exposure to manipulative based learning for math. See also.

For more on 3rd and 4th power algebra and how to show negative expressions go to my House of Math and click on the "Advanced Algebra" tab. You need a password which you can find by clicking on the Products and Passwords tab...

The House of Math on FaceBook.

The House of Math

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In fact you should go there if the above videos didn't make perfect sense to you...lots of free learning and more "advanced" stuff for a buck.

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