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Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Hundreds. (Perfect Scores.)

Before I met him he was usually less than 50%.

Here is a functionally autistic student who went from "F" to "A" in a rather short period of time. Base ten blocks made all the difference. Symbols alone are rarely sufficient until you have spent a lot of time playing with manipulatives. Check out the vids on this page and note how I always fall back on blocks to remind him of concepts we have already covered and to make answers "visually obvious" as the Montessorians say. .

Note the difference in auditory perception which is so common in these kids, they don't hear or process information the same way we do...but I can assure getting "F's" has the same effect on them as anybody else. And so does getting "A's". He was quite proud of himself.

I only spent a few lessons with this kid before he told his mother I would "kill him" if he came and got the answers wrong after all that work. He took it literally. It was fun while it lasted. His mom says maybe he'll come back one day...

If you would like some tutoring where ever you are, all you need is a set of blocks and an internet connection, I usually use google vid chat, that way the dupes at the NSA can learn some math too.

It's pretty easy. You send me funds via paypal and set up a google acct so we can use their vid chat. I also have ooVoo but nobody uses that, and rarely we use skype...the software is just a little better with google although my last few skype calls have been trouble free. I have done vid tutoring all over the country but also Europe, Indonesia, and of course Canada. If you have a couple of kids (siblings) I charge the same not per kid...several families put their three kids on the other end of the video and we all play math since with these manipulatives we level the playing field... Also a few parents are starting to figure out they can make money tutoring others too. The demand is high. I have also done teacher trainings, tutor trainings etc via vid chat not just tutoring kids. All that is required is that everybody has a set of base ten manipulatives (or at leaste enough to go around) and a decent attitude.

As long as you have a set of blocks I am quite confident video tutoring is just as good as being there in person and I have quite a few people who have been getting tutored off and on for months...

Dig thru this blog and play around at The House Of Math...just click links and watch the vids that interest you...get a password which unlocks hours of vids and screencasts (there is also a password protected screencast page) plus PDF's, my book and more detailed pages of instruction where you get to sit in on actual sample lessons but also get direct instruction on how to present math concepts. Maybe it would be a good idea to to start on the Getting Started Page which basically covers how to use a Curriculum Starter Kit but can also be used as an overview. As one person said, "I just go and wonder around clicking links and watching vids and hours go by..."

People are always amazed at how much they get for a password. One page of sample lessons alone is worth the 24 bucks.

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