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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Links To The PPP

Here is a updated password description page you may enjoy on my website regarding what you get.

PPP = Password Protected Pages

Right now for 24 bucks you get access to every page EXCEPT the parent teacher training. It's ONE password for everybody, and that password changes. Because of spam filters and problems with emailing large lists you may not get notified of the password change. No fear: just let me know you need the new one (unless of course your time is up). One password keeps things cheap. There will come a day when you log in with your own password but that day has not come yet. When that day comes it will closer to 10 bucks a month, so enjoy the cheap passwords.

Now despite what you may read on pages that need updating, one password does it almost all. The Parent teacher training page has one password too. But for a limited time (actually limited number and that number is 50) you can get one of these passwords for 15 bucks. So for $39.00 you get ALL the PPPs. On the Teacher training page there is 3 hours of training so far...there will be more there eventually. I expect about 10 hours worth. Plus links to other pages and posts you might have a hard time finding.

"The amount of stuff you get for the money is crazy."~JJ, New Hampshire.

"Just got the Parent/ Teacher Password.CR wasn't lying when he said 1 page was worth the price. Get it for yourself to learn how to think math." ~KY, USA.

" I really like how you do math. My kids do too! We were having problems and you made math good and happier for us. I sincerely say Thank You from the bottom of my heart." ~CS, Ohio.

Here are all the links (so far) to pages that require a password.  I would go here FIRST:
That page is a lot like this page because it's basically a list of places to use your password. It also takes you to a page that I have buried on purpose...(hint it's the one with the Series A manual on it).

Here is a page on percentages it needs work. You might search Crewton Ramone Percentages and see what comes back if you are working on percentages.

Solving for X is always a biggie. Here are the problem solving pages. Once you go here and digest the info get the basics down,
You are ready to go here for more "advanced" problem solving.

Algebra is where I usually START when I work with kids.

This page shows you how to do the negative ones.

Here is a page that leads to other pages and will eventually lead to more password pages regarding radicals and completeing the square.

This page alone is worth the price of a password shows A way (not THE way) to derive pie are square.

Here is a page that takes you to the much neglected screencast pages for the most part these are training videos.

And here is a page that has lots and lots of stuff on it...again worth the password all by itself.

DBoyz showing you how to do it up with your math blocks right.

This page has gotten a following of it's own:
If you have young children this is a great page, Raymond was in first grade for these vids and is now going into second grade.

Sarah's Page. Actual lessons with an Autistic student.

I wanted to do more with this child but it didn't work out...some good stuff here:

This page need an "entry page" telling people what's on it. Soon it will also b e worth the price of a password all by itself.
Here is another blog post with screencasts about what you get for a password,  the post you are reading now is basically a stripped down version of that one so you just get links.

Get a "subscription" for as little as ten bucks. Basically I broke the payments up into 10 easy payments for you, check out the side bar over there on the right.

And, again, this page needs its own Password, it is the parent teacher training password. :

Again, a lifetime pass gets you ALL passwords.

"About me: I'm a father of two boys, about to start homeschooling my older one, who just turned six. I was homeschooled when I was a kid, and used Mortensen math; I went on to get a perfect math SAT score, a physics degree from Caltech, and then a PhD from Harvard in developmental cognitive psychology, where my thesis was about how young children perceive and represent numerosity. I'm not crediting Mortensen with all of that, but I do think it gave me a good conceptual foundation, and google searches haven't led me to any other approaches that I would rather use, homeschooling my boys. Yes, BTW, all those fancy degrees and I quit academia after one post-doc to be a stay-at-home dad; I've never regretted it for a minute." ~MS, Pencil-vania.

"...thanks for putting this up for us. it's all the little things that you are talking about that make up the big picture." ~AT, Canada.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." ~Warren Buffett

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