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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preschool Math Enrichment with Algebra.

Here are just two of many vids showing the use of Algebra to teach math to very young students...Note in the second vid they are looking at the math upside down so to speak...

Here is very simple distributive theory of multiplication using binomials...they are learning to count and multiply through or beacause of algebra...concept based teaching cross teaches several things at once. Base ten blocks make math easy and fun because it's concrete: they can get their hands on the math materials.

Then getting bigger is funner. You could hear the little boy say he wanted to do bigger stuff because this stuff was TOO EASY. Here they move onto factoring, and we accommodate the Youtube viewer or blog post reader as the case may be, by adding some symbols to the lesson. When you do Preschool Math you don't need symbols and the students certainly don't need to e able to write.

As we were running out of time near the end the audio cuts in and out...but you get the idea...even little kids can do algebra and as noted repeatedly here and elsewhere the algebra actually teaches the basic operations in this case addition multiplication and as we progress division and of course factoring...

Here is a post on math enrichment with a four year old, also has a screencast where he helps narrate. 

Months later here they are doing bigger funner stuff:

They are now both in school, where do you think they rank in their class with regard to math?

This video is substantially longer, and is unlisted on youtube. You can find it and many more like it on the password protected pages at the house of math, the ones on the advanced algebra page for example show how to do negative and larger problems. Passwords are cheap at twice the price. I have seen DVD's for $24.95 that don't teach half as much as you are getting here for FREE. The password protected pages have HOURS of vid on them. I assure you, prices are going to rise next year. There was a time when you could get a password for a buck, right now you can get a password for a buck a month.

Crewton Ramone's House Of Math for More...

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