Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Algebra with toddlers using manipulatives.

These video shorts explain why it is I am underwhelmed with teachers who tell me they can't start algebra early on...less so with teaching methodologies that tell you NOT to teach math, (which is a language) early on because the students "aren't ready for it" thus reflecting the teacher's fear of math onto the some cases these teachers have gone on to found methods that damage entire generations of children's mathematical abilities.

Learn how to use your base ten manipulaives.

UPDATE: there are now tons of full motion videos showing young students using base ten blocks to learn algebra and a whole lot more on youtube. Just search crewton ramone + whatever topic you want to see...

manipulatives, math manipulatives, base ten blocksThen of course there are the text book writers who seem to start with the premise that math is hard and certainly not fun.

I've had parents (and Catholic Nuns) tell me that "math should be work" doesn't have to be.

Using manipulatives or base ten blocks makes math easy and fun. As you can see they learn math concepts quickly and easily.

Check out this post showing these same boys doing 3rd power math in their heads without any manipulatives. It should be clear that using base ten blocks avoids future problems it doesn't cause block dependence...they see the blocks in their heads.

It's child's play because they can see it. The manipulatives allow them not only to see the math but to get their hands on it. Couple this with the compound teaching algebra does for you and math concepts and facts are mastered in much less time with much less pain and difficulty.

YOU can learn how to teach your kids using this method. I don't care who you are or what your experience is with math. You can give your kids a head start and open the gateway to all manner of opportunities while at the same time preserving their self esteem. You can also give them a positive mindset toward math. If they think math is fun and easy it will be.

Crewton Ramone: Negative Three Distributes w/ a 4 & 5 yr old.

Crewton Ramone Intro To Negative Numbers.

Crewton Ramone Does Algebra With 4 and 5 Year Olds. (ScreenCast).

Crewton Ramone Distributes With 4 and 5 Year Olds.

Crewton Ramone Factoring With 4 and 5 Year Olds

Go to the ALGEBRA page at Crewton Ramone's House of Math where you can learn quite a bit of algebra for a few bucks (cost of a password)...most of it's FREE as you can see.

If I can explain algebra so that 5 year olds can do it, I bet I can explain it to you. Get set of blocks and get started. Previously you had to attend trainings or seminars to learn how to use these powerful tools but the internet has changed everything. You can now learn the basics for FREE and you can learn the more "advanced" concepts for just a few bucks. Get started NOW.

Here is the 4 year old working by himself...four year old math enrichment. ⇐ Click that and prepare to be amazed. Just because he can't write doesn't mean he can't learn math concepts. In the same way we don't wait for them to be able to write before teaching them their mother tongue in this case English.

This post is a couple of years old. You should see the math these boys are doing now, often without blocks and no paper or pencil either. Poke around on this blog and see for yourself.

Updated Feb 2013.


Introducing a 4 year old to algebra.

Another 4 year get's some algebra.

A classroom of 1st graders factoring polynomials.

math manipulative book, Base Ten Block Book

Get this book if you have children 7 and under...find out more about it, and a look inside here.  You can get it without a password for just $2.99. Give your kids a REAL head start with math and numbers with this book and my website.

"Great book for teaching how to use the blocks! Colorful, clear pictures and cute rhymes make the book fun to read and play around with. We printed the book out, and my 5yo loves how many of the block pictures are big enough to put his blocks directly on top of the pictures. The text plays fast and loose with niceties like punctuation, but is engaging when read aloud.

Most of the book focuses on playing with addition facts up to 10, which gives a solid foundation. But it also delves briefly into such topics as square roots, place value, addition of multi-digit numbers, and a glimpse at multiplication. And in true Crewton Ramone fashion, problem solving with 'x' (basic algebra) is sprinkled throughout. A great intro to playing with math." ~CS, GA.

"I have to tell you that when I first started to watch your videos I cried....after learning it myself in school (haha) then teaching my three daughters algebra using Saxon, Math U See and things from the Teaching Company, I never really had any idea of what I was doing. Watching the videos of you made everything make sense!!! I'm sure that this is a labor of love for you but I just wanted to say thank you! It is much appreciated." ~HS, Ohio, USA.

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