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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crewton Ramone Overview of Mortensen Math

Here is one hour covering various topics in math using the Mortensen Method.

Mortensen Math Video: The Amazing World Of Mortensen Math. You Can Get Straight A's In Math.

Here is the text of the Youtube vid page:

Visualization through our manipulatives based curriculum, is the means of translating intimidating equations to simple communication. Your children can get straight A's in math. We have 30 years of experience. VISUALIZING MATH IS THE KEY.

THE MISSION OF MORTENSEN MATH is to CHANGE the way students are taught. To help any student become an ACHIEVER, a BELIEVER in herself and himself. THE DIFFERENCE MORTENSEN MATH CAN MAKE: Students leave the "system" WITH THEIR DIGNITY INTACT. Students receive the GIFT of CHOICE. No one need be held back by a lack of confidence in math skills, causing avoidance of careers based on FEAR of math. Students now have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE based on their STRENGTHS in math to become Economists, Engineers, Robotics Developers, Astronauts, Scientists, TEACHERS, or even President!

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