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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crewton Ramone's Password Protected Pages

Or what do I get for a Password?

Slightly "older" student begins the process of mastering multiplication. 

People sometimes email me and ask if they should get a password...of course I say yes.

Here is the short version with links to all the pages where you can use your password: PP Links Page.

But what do you actually get with a password? Is it worth the money? I was thinking people would click around and find pages that required a password and then buy one to get into the advanced Algebra Page for example.  This works to a certain extent but apparently people need to be sold on the idea and told what they get. Fine. Here is a short video:


There is no short cut I can give you as been said there is no royal road to mathematics, but I can sure remove a lot of the excuses we used to get when people would buy a kit and wonder what to do next. There is no one path to take because each kid and situation is different. And this method does not believe in the standard way they have done things in public schools where basically everybody learns the same thing on the same day at the same time. So quit asking. Not gonna happen here although I am trying to show you how to use these blocks for your I want to teach my kid addition, or long division or fractions or what have you.

Also if that standard way of doing things was working so well
 you wouldn't be reading this now,
would you?

There was a time when you got a password with your order but that time has passed. (I haven't updated every page I've built over the years to reflect this so you may see a page that say you do....but you don't.) Be aware that Mortensen Company fills all my orders on blocks and pays me a commission. I fill orders for passwords...which basically means I send you an email in case you miss the pop up page when you check out with paypal.

The GETTING STARTED PAGE is a 5 dollar value all by itself. Many people have found it useful to go to that page and use it as a starting point. Make sure to check out the pdf's on that page too, scroll down, there are four of them there. They contain old articles and scope and sequence for the books, and a nice dissertation from an experienced teacher on why she likes this method.

How to get started?

 A combo kit and a password and you should be good to go. Seriously. And even then you can probably get by without a password for quite a while as you digest all the stuff out there I've put up for FREE. But if you want to see sample lessons right off the bat or you get to the point where you're factoring and are wondering how this shows how to factor negative expressions like

x²  - 5x +  6  or  x²  -  x  -  6

etc you need a password. You will also find that we use algebra to teach the basic operations and I'll show you how. I often use algebra to teach addition and multiplication and use it to sneak math facts in on older students who need remedial work in mathematics. Sound intriguing? It should.

I am told constantly that my password should cost more, not just for the content on those pages but also as a thank you for all the free stuff you were "fronted" it Yes: I am trying to get you addicted to math.

Check out the advanced algebra page. The only place that shows you how to use the blocks for that on the entire web!

The Password Protected screencast channel it has Percentages on it. My percentages page needs work...and it's on the list of things to update.

There are new pages added and pages updated pretty regularly, I'm always adding youtube vids so you might want to subscribe to my youtube channel.

People sometimes tell me they don't see anything new, that's because your browser is loading the old page out of your cache from last time you were at my site. Hit refresh for the new stuff...the Sample Lessons page has a ton of stuff on it and so does Sarah's Page. Those of you who have funtionally autistic children or students might find that page QUITE interesting. It shows how I took a student who was basically being ignored in a public school system mathematically and got her to pass her GED and Compass Test. Ironically the reason she had to take the GED is because she didn't have enough math credits...but that was because they were teaching her math and I didn't meet her until 10th grade.

Eventually there will be MANY more password protected pages. Some may need their own password but for now all you need is one. Here is a page that gives you more links:

You put your password in there and you'll get a list of pages where you can use your password. Or you can hit Test on the navigation bar.

A large page of sample lessons to get you started:
Algebra videos showing negative expressions:
Download as many PDF's as you want all for a few bucks. There are hundreds of pages available for you. Also watch the vids as many times as you want. You want more and better quality? Share the link for BUYING a password not the links to the pdfs or videos. Its a measley buck a month if you get a year pass. But if 100's of people bought a password every week there would be more stuff and better quality videos and software here. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Hope you find the stuff worthwhile...and worthwhile enough to share with friends who are willing to pay a few bucks just like you did...

Channel of Screencasts you can't get anywhere else: (currently mostly same as "advanced algebra") but also HAS PERCENTAGES AND FACTORING NEGATIVE EXPRESSIONS.
Sarah's Page has lots of vids and more are again being added. See "The Blocks" work with an Autistic student:

And guess what? There's more.  Buy a password and find out how much more. Just go to the TEST Page they are listed there.

One password does it all at the moment if you run into a page that asks for a password you'll have it.

Here is a much longer vid covering the website (my house of math), blog, youtube vids and FB page:
I did it in one take and didn't do any may want to skip it and go to the second's "only" 18 minutes long instead of 38.

That thing is way too long. Here is a shorter version that mostly just covers my website.

People are now overwhelmed at the amount of content I've created and many have found that "it doesn't go in order" as far as they are concerned. On the bright side at leaste there is plenty of stuff for you dig thru now, there was a time when there was NOTHING. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. You got a set of blocks or a kit, took it home and it went on a shelf or under a bed never to be seen again because people didn't know how to use the material and there were no places to get training...

Problem is getting close to solved. Now you want an example of how to present whatever it is chances are there's a video for that. If not email me and I'll make one...eventually. Use your search engine!

Vid courses should also come out this year...(2014). If you have a topic you'd like to see leave a comment. I have done a few parent/teacher trainings...which cover what to do in what order depending on the situation, I am told I should make some vids like much to do so little time.

When you do order, turn off your pop up blocker. I have it set up so when you finish paying a page pops up with the password on it and info on where you can use it. If you miss that page just send me an email ad I'll send it right out.  Also check whatever email you use for paypal, I don't know how many times people have sent me pissy emails when I already sent them the password but then they tell me they only use that email address for paypal and never check it.

Some Math Enrichment I did with a 9 year old.


Also don't forget there is FREE software for your little kids, you can download it as an app on iTunes, just search Crewton Ramone (I'm the only Crewton Ramone on iTunes oddly enough) or go here to put it on your computer:

Schools you are free to put this software on your computers for your kindergarteners and first and second graders. No license fee, no software fee JUST USE IT.

Go here for an hour long overview of the method and more vids.

Too funny, this post is getting too I'll stop here.

" The way to have a good idea , is to have lots of ideas. "
- Linus Pauling

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  1. Raymond Now has his own page with vids you won't find anywhere else. More Sample Lessons have been added too...