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Friday, October 30, 2015

Base Ten Block Comments And Testimonials.

  Well this was pleasant. You can find it here not on my testimonials page. It would be nice if a few more of you put up some comments/testimonials. Because of course I think Crewton Ramone's House Of Math great but who cares what I think, lol! People want to hear from YOU. People who have used it, paid money for passwords and blocks have some experience. Of course they are skeptical. They should be. Math has always been a mystery and hard and their own experience tells them math is anything BUT fun.

I'm here to show that some of those decisions you made as a teen or pre-teen regarding math may need to be reevaluated with some new information. Here are a few people that have discovered the difference base ten blocks coupled with a good methodology can make...

I find math kits and books that are squeaky clean never been used...which is sad because the blocks properly employed are powerful tools AND they are FUN. They make learning math fun and easy. Learning through play is a natural thing for little kids. Many parents have forgotten how to have fun and play, even less when it comes to math. But slowly but surely I am hearing more of these stories, which is pleasing. But again I am not the one who needs to hear these stories, OTHERS do. I've known this for more than two decades.
But up until quite recently there was no one showing people not just the HOW but the WHY. And more than, that not just the theory, but theory in practice via video and screencasts that you can watch as many times as you want. I also do training that as you can see from people's comments quite literally  BLOW THEIR MINDS. Because it is my hallucination is that math is EASY and fun and I often end up getting groups of people to hallucinate with me.

Also you may want to tell people NOW as opposed to later because now prices are low and later prices will be going UP.  Some of you may remember just a few years ago when a lifetime passwas just $100.00. Believe it or not I have had some of those people send me money again when they see all the new stuff I add...

base ten blocks manipulatives, base 10 blocks, pre-calc
y= mx+b explained.
Part of the reason prices are going up is because people have the mentality that if prices are low it must not be worth anything. When I was selling passwords for a buck I could not make a sale. When I was selling them for 5 bucks I got a few more. When I started selling them for 150 bucks suddenly I was selling lots of them. This is ridiculous to me but my marketing people and a in addition to them, a billionaire explained it to me in no uncertain terms. Perceived value. Fine.

However, YOU can add to that perceived value by commenting,  "liking" other comments and posting your experiences on social media. But either way apparently if it's not $500+ it must not be worth anything as a math curriculum.
So very shortly prices will go up. They are telling me to raise prices as is. Anybody that has been here for a while knows every time I raise prices I give you even more stuff on password protected pages and more "content" in general. Those who were clever enough to get a lifetime way back when they were $100.00 have written to thank me more than once and occasionally send me money too. Which is really really really appreciated. Most people even at $249.00 are AMAZED at how much bang they get for their buck...and I'm only just getting started.

YOU are the most powerful force. People don't come because of me exactly; they come because of you. So your continued support via comments, shares likes etc is much appreciated and indeed needed for growth. And the more it grows the more pages and content I put up. I promise I will never rest on my laurels. Too much math to do.

I have to walk a fine line because I want to compensate people for spreading the word but at the same time paid testimonials are not worth as much as "organic" ones. So I am looking at an affiliate program where if they pay for a course because you recommended them you will get compensated. It will be non different from you telling them about a good movie except when they go see it you get a small portion of the ticket price....and my movies teach them math or how to have fun teaching math. So everybody wins.

People have found that the more money and customers I make and get, the more content they get.  I am also still selling combo kits that as I have said have barely been used if at all but mine come with passwords and reasoning is simple. The reason they are so pristine is because they never got used. They never got used because mom and dad didn't know how to use them or how powerful (and fun) they could be. So if you get a kit from me you don't just get a kit you get passwords and some VIDEO TRAINING.  By the way IN PERSON training is happening in Dec. DETAILS HERE. For these crazy super mondo deals go here.

Just think, just by sharing you experience you might inspire others to share theirs, which might in turn help a child or entire family avoid a lifetime of fear and frustration with mathematics, just because they decided they might give it a try.  Or maybe they are on the fence and yours is the comment that resonates and pushes them over. Thanks to all the people the give spontaneous testimonials via email and FB.

Here are a few pages that could use comments from YOU. Thanks to people like Anna and Kirk and Lisa and many others who post comments on a semi-regular basis.  Here is your chance to join them.

Note that doesn't say "school," it says "district."
I will put more comments boxes on more pages in the future. If you can't make a comment because you are shy or whatever then please put a like on some body else's so people can see it's not just four guys in a room pretending.

People who actually use this get results, and as you can see, they get GREAT results. Shasta could use more training but even without it she is getting test scores well ahead of her peers. Shasta is a motivated young teacher...and she has found that these blocks combined with my methodology make for a winning combination.  If you use the methods I have outlined in these blog posts and on my website you will find that you have great successes too.

Thanks for your support.
If you want to leave a comment here feel free:

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  1. Where can I buy a set of base ten blocks exactly like you have?